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Finch’s Threadless Ready To Ship

Finch’s Beer Co (Chicago, IL) is preparing to ship their newest beer – Threadless IPA.  This is a pretty special beer, as it’s a collaboration with Threadless T-Shirt Company.  Last year, the brewery created a hoppy American IPA for Threadless, leading them to want to can the beer and share with the world.  One problem.  Artwork was needed.  Threadless took it to the people.  169 designs were submitted to be voted on.  The above design was the clear winner.

Our Threadless/Finch collaboration IPA is a balanced experience of both perceived hoppiness and true bitterness. It pours a darker amber color and finishes with a citrus flavor, and when combined, will require this to be the last IPA you ever drink! Well, maybe, we realize you will probably drink more, but the result of this recipe clearly evolves into a very balanced IPA. The grain bill on this big pale includes melanoidin and Victory malts. We hop it up before the boil starts with some Columbus first wort hopping, then add a bunch more for bittering.

Style: IPA
Availability: 16 oz cans
Arrival: April 2012

6% ABV

pic via Finch’s