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Epic Twitter #FF

I spend an inordinate amount of time writing about beer. As evidenced by the close to 1,000 posts preceding this. Besides the blogging, I’m on Twitter, where my craft beer alcoholism goes “public.” Every Friday, Twitter has this tradition that entails a Follow Friday or #FF tweet that acts as a shout out to your friends.

After a while on Twitter I’ve interacted with a lots of people now, both at the bar or online. My #FF would get pretty lengthy so I thought perhaps I’d do something different – my biggest #FF blog/twitter crossover shoutout thingie.  This is in NO particular order. Or region,  or anything. Here goes.

@AtlantaBeer – Everyone thinks it’s some alter ego I made up. He’s huge on Twitter, & beer in Atlanta. And my arch nemesis/friend.

@MyAlement – The onion of beer. Someone finally trying to get us to laugh at ourselves. Podcast partner in crime.

@AleSharpton – Another awesome beer guy & writer. Classes up the joint a bit.

@BeerSommelier – He’s like famous & stuff.

@SquirrelStash – Never met him, but he drinks beer, & says it how it is. Downright funny at times. Annoys ding.

@D_I_N_G – Where to begin with this guy. He’s an Englishman trapped in a city he seems to hate, in a state he seems to hate, in a country he seems to hate, in a beer culture he seems to hate.  People call him out all the time about session beer, & his thoughts on beer & beer culture.  He seems to dislike what I drink, & the stuff I write about. BUT, rumor has it he’s quite the nice guy in person. Plus he knows beer.  Perhaps one day I’ll meet him. (Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting?)

@CurtDawsey.  He looks like Dwight from The Office. Could write you a 20 page paper on anything you ask in about an hour. Drinks beer, works for distributor. Cool dude.

@restaurantsATL – Loves craft beer. Oh, and restaurants. Skinny guy that loves food & beer. The human body is really weird.

@damunroe – Owns a very popular beer/restaurant in ATL. Knows his craft beer & a nice guy to boot. Very generous in sharing hard to find beers.

@Carny93 – Hockey ref, and beer lover. He’s got a lot of pucks.  Real pucks, you perv.

@CraftBeerDesign – Quiet guy that loves beer. Wouldn’t know he’s there unless you Find him and buy a round.

@Hoptopia – Drinks beer, rates beer.  Has an app for that.

@CBL1978 – He does 3 things. Loves his family, drinks craft beer, reads comics. Awesome

@MrDink – Beer/Techie/Music guy

@Jbyce – Gets me beer from Athens.

@Jelenac11 – Organizer of beer events. One of her 47 jobs.

@JeffHaws – Atlanta Falcons writer for AJC. Just found a second love, craft beer.

@ronnieleclarii – Beer lover/ Bartender? One day he told me we are friends. I believed him & we are.

@AtlantaBeerGeek – The name says it all.

@MidtownMile – Atlanta socialite, & Auburn lover that just learned how tasty craft beer is.  Get drinking. You’re a few beers behind.

@SeanEatsAtlanta – Foursquare Fred mayor. LOVES craft beer.  Loaned me an xbox when mine died. That’s pretty cool. Suck it Microsoft.

@HopCity – 1,700 different beers to choose from. Bank account so small.

@BrickStorePub – I drink there. a lot.

@TheFredBar – I drink there. a lot.

@PorterBeerBar – Huge selection of beer. Great food. Done

@CypressStreet – Another awesome place, w/ beer and great food.

@GreensBeer – More Craft Beer, multiple locations.

@TowerATL – Craft beer, multiple locations.

@AleYeahBeer – A craft beer boutique that just opened in Decatur, GA. They have chocolate..

@ATL_Events – Events, Atlanta, beer drinker. Fellow Star Wars nerd.

@GalsSirens – Women & Beer, women & beer. Oh, and I’m on their hitlist.

@gunslinger19 – Beer dude. Home brewer.  Has an ipod touch I swear he makes calls from.

@OBoudreaux – Home brewer. Bicyclist. Has a crawlspace without bodies in it.

@Kitchen&Kegs – Matt Deckard makes amazing food.  With all the awesome beer to go along w/ it. Go there now.

@BeerWildHeaven – New brewery headed your way soon with great beer. Get on board early.

brysonsdad – Hockey lover, & father. Hockey united him with this replacement kidney. I’m sure he loves beer. I just enjoy the story regardless.

@SquarePub – Put a craft beer bar in Decatur recently. Loves the firkins. Loves the beers. And they sell tater tots.

@SweetWaterBrew – I love their beer. I annoy Steve for info. They have learned to put up with me. We are so “In like” with each other.

@TerrapinBeerATL – He works for Terrapin. I honestly think he “samples” the beer all day. Just for quality control purposes.  Safety first.

@Hotoberfest101 – 2 really funny guys that put on Atlanta’s Hotoberfest. If you ever spend time with them in a car, pee first.

@Catholicdrinkie – She’s Catholic, and a beer drinker. Then she writes about it. I guess God has sins in writing now.  Maybe St. Peter is a drinker too.

And that’s just Atlanta.  It would take me another hour to cover everybody else, all the bars, & breweries.  I’m sorry if I missed someone. Seriously. I’m sorry. Its after 10am.  Time for a beer.