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Drinking & Music? Try Drinkify

In addition to my passion for beer, I love music.  Leave it to someone to put them both together (besides Dogfish Head.)  Here’s what you do.  Put in a song you’re listening to. Say for example – MGMT. There’s your suggestion.   I’m having trouble getting it to suggest a beer that’s not PBR.  In due time. In due time. [Drinkify]

Lets say Johnny Cash

2 thoughts on “Drinking & Music? Try Drinkify

  1. Not to be a hater but that site really sucks… a lot.  For Disturbed they suggested “The Disturbed” a Schlitz with an umbrella and for Skrillex they suggested “The Skrillex” – 4 oz of marijuana.

  2. Considering both of those artists are horrible, I would expect nothing short of horrible suggestions……

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