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Dogfish Raison D’Extra Returns

Dogfish Raison D'Extra

It’s been seven years since Dogfish Head last brewed Raison D’ Extra. The strong ale is based on the brewery’s Raison D’Etre, a Belgian-style brown ale with brown sugar, and raisins.

Dogfish Head Raison D’Extra takes things a bit further, to nearly double the ABV.

D’Extra takes this concept to the next level. What 120 Minute IPA is to 60 Minute IPA, D’Extra is the D’Etre. We’re pushing the limits of what a Belgian yeast can do (and we’ve discovered that’s somewhere in the ballpark of 15% to 18% ABV!)

Dogfish Head Raison D’Extra will be available again in 12oz bottles. Due to ABV, there will be state limitations.

Style: Belgian Strong Dark (w/ Raisins, Brown Sugar)
Availability: 12oz Bottles.
Return: December, 2014

18% ABV

One thought on “Dogfish Raison D’Extra Returns

  1. The last time this released, I wasn’t even of legal drinking age 😉

    Looking forward to drinking this!

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