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Dogfish Head Johnny Cask 75 Minute IPA To See Bottles

Dogfish Head Johnny CaskYou take Dogfish Head 60 Minute and mix it with 90 Minute, add a little maple syrup, and you have 75 Minute IPA -aka Johnny Cask.  I can’t believe I first mentioned the appearance of this beer over 2 years ago.  Finally, this beer will see more glasses.  It’s headed for 750ml bottles.   The maple syrup is the same from the Calagione Family Farm, the same syrup used in Life & Limb.  Cask made it’s debut March 26th, 2009 at what DFH called a “Simul-Cask” event.  Simultaneous casks tapped at the brewpub, in Philly, Manhattan, & Boston.  It has made various appearances since then.  The bottle artwork has little addendum. Groucho glasses on the image of Johnny Cash… (See original artwork below)

There are some situations when 90 is too much.  There are other situations when 60 is too little.  There are many situations when 75 is juuust right. Bottle conditioned with pure maple syrup for complexity and age-ability and dry hopped out the bejeezum boards.  

Availability: 750ml bottles.  Draft (pub)
Arrival: March, 2012

7.5% ABV

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