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Spotlight: Dogfish Head Higher Math, celebrating 20 years

Dogfish Head Higher Math

Dogfish Head (Milton, DE) celebrates 20 years of brewing this year. They are celebrating off-centered, and accordingly. Dogfish Head Higher Math has arrived.

The base beer is a golden ale, fermented with cherries on cocoa nibs, finishing at a bold 17% alcohol by volume. (Our initial post mentioned it was going for 20%.) Still one of the strongest beer in the the brewery’s history.

Due to it’s high ABV, that eliminates a small list of states that Dogfish Head currently distributes to from getting the the anniversary offering. Good rule of thumb for figuring this out – if you don’t currently receive Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA, then you won’t see Dogfish Head Higher Math on your shelves.

Tasting this bold beer, the alcohol is present, along with the sour cherry juice. It is deceptively sweet which makes it easy to down 12 ounces of 17% beer. Share it, or wear a helmet when consuming.

Dogfish Head Higher Math in on shelves now in 12 ounce bottles. Happy 20th Dogfish Head. Can’t wait for 20 more years of what you put in our glasses.

Style: American Strong Ale (w/ Cherries, Cocoa Nibs)
Release: October, 2015

20% ABV

Below, pics of the test batches from Summer, 2015. 

Dogfish Head Higher Math Test Batch

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  1. tried this the other day and it was absolutly disgusting. not even drinkable to be honest. im not exactly new to beer but i dont think im going for anything stronger than weyerbacher quad from now on

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