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Dogfish Collaborates With Shorts (Brewing)

Dogfish Head & Shorts

Dogfish Head & Shorts

Dogfish Head & Shorts Brewing are collaborating.  Sam of DFH and Joe of Short’s have been friends for years.  Yesterday Shorts announced via their blog, details of the collaboration.  Here’s the quick rundown.  The beer would have ingredients from each of the brewery’s home states.   You know Dogfish. The ingredient are to be “unusual” aka off-centered.  The beer will be brewed in Bellaire, MI at Short’s.

Here’s what they came up with.  A Baltic porter, featuring beach plums (Delaware), red popcorn (Indiana by way of Three Floyds Brewing), and horehound from Michigan.  Horehound for you botanists is called Lamiaceae or Labiatae and is in the mint family.  (Subsets= white horehound & black horehound.)  Where Three Floyds got involved with the ingredients is a mystery to me.

The beer has yet to be named, but will have a tap debut at Shorts on July 4th.  Around Michigan? Here are some deets:
Short’s is releasing the test batch of this beer at its Pub on July 4th. Then, on Wednesday July 6th, Joe and Sam will host a public reception at the lobby of the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa from 5-6:30 p.m. That evening, Sam will dine with the Short’s crew at the Aerie Restaurant on the 16th floor of the tower. Special kegs of Short’s and Dogfish Head will be featured at Aerie that night (a tap takeover to remember!). Short’s Brew will also be featured at Jack’s Sports Bar, which is located near the hotel lobby.

Bottles will be available though Shorts distribution network.

Dogfish Collaborates With Shorts