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Denver Comic Con and Breckenridge Want YOU to Name Their Beer

While last year’s epic Fantastic Pour may be hard to follow, Breckenridge Brewing and Denver Comic Con want you to come up with a name for this year’s special beer. The beer will be a Belgian witbier infused with Buddha’s hand, an odd-looking, tentacled yellow citrus fruit from Asia. There has to be some sort of nerdy pun in this whole thing somewhere and Breckenridge wants you to find it.

Once the name is chosen, a custom label will be created in time for the debut at a launch party around the first week of May. So what’s in it for the winner? How about a year’s worth of beer, 4 collector pint glasses, a Breckenridge tap handle with the beer’s name on it, and a Denver Comic Con swag bag. That’s right, a year’s worth of free beer! For more more information, the fine print, and where to enter check out the Facebook page here.

Style: Witbier (with Buddha’s Hand)
Availability: on tap only during Denver Comic Con
Arrival: May 2013

6% ABV