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Cubs Get To Keep Old Style Beer

Recently Pabst Blue Ribbon was toying with idea of removing Old Style from Wrigley Field after  50+ years of serving the brew.  Fans didn’t take to kindly to the thought.  Traditions are traditions, and Old Style was just as much  apart of the Cubs experience has the baseball is.

“For more than six decades Cubs fans have been drinking Old Style beer at Wrigley Field and it has always been part of the game day experience at this legendary ballpark,” said Daren Metropoulos, co-owner of Pabst Brewing Company. “It was important for us at Pabst Brewing Company to continue this long-standing tradition.”

Not only that, but Old Style will be hosting a Fan Appreciation Day at the Cubs vs. Astros game on Friday, Sept. 16, 2011 thank fans for their loyalty.

According to a recently press release, a new Old Style agreement is in place.  New signage in the part, and renewed commitment to the city of Chicago are all mentioned in the deal.