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Court Rules Drinkers Tricked. Beck’s Isn’t German


A class-action suit has been settled against Anheuser-Busch InBev this week. Here’s the breakdown.

Beck’s was once German, brewed in Germany, by German folksĀ until 2002. It is then that Beck’s was sold to Belgium’s Interbrew who eventually merged with Brazil’s AmBev to become InBev. Shortly after, InBev purchased Anheuser-Busch.

Beck’s production was then moved to St.Louis, Missouri. Brewed in America, with American water.

The suit states that phrases like “Originated in Bremen” and “German Quality” have mislead Beck’s drinkers into thinking the beer is still German.

Those that have joined the class action suit, aka those that have purchased Beck’s since May, 2011 are eligible for 10 cents back per bottle purchased. Capped at $50 dollars. If you are wondering if there is compensation for those without receipts? The answer is yes, just $12 dollars.

A final approval hearing for the settlement will take place in the fall.

Beer Street Journal reached out to Anheuser-Busch for comment with no success.

3 thoughts on “Court Rules Drinkers Tricked. Beck’s Isn’t German

  1. Good, I hope they do. Beck’s used to be German. Now it’s just another American beer. Nothing wrong with that, but any brand identity it had is now lost (with those once loyal to the brand abandoning it). The shortsightedness of some marketers is stunning.

  2. Beck’s still is German – you just can’t get that version here. Brewed in Bremen for most of Europe, brewed in Munich for Italy.

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