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COMING SOON: Terrapin’s SP#13 Big Daddy Vlady

Terrapin Brewing is having a busy year!  The Georgia Theatre benefit series, Side Projects, tap takeovers, and most recently their newest annual release – wet hopped “So Fresh & So Green, Green”.  Well, no rest for the weary.  Side Project #13 is currently in the works and will be here soon.

“Big Daddy Vlady” gives aways the style – a Russian Imperial Stout. A heavy hitter too.  From the label:

“Terrapin’s “Big Daddy Vlady’s” Russian Imperial Stgout is Number 13 in our Side Project series of beers.  Brewed under the strictest of Socialistic guidelines, this Imperialistic Stout will be carefully monitored and allocated accordingly.  Black as the coldest Siberian winter’s night, this colossal, viscous, elixer will bring the hammer and sickle down on your little girly man’s palet.”

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

Arrival: Late November/December 2010

10% ABV (or higher)