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Chimay Spéciale Cent Cinquante Limited To Just 6 States

Those hoping for a shot at the Chimay Spéciale Cent Cinquante, you may be disappointed. The trappist brewery made just 12,500 cases for the entire world, and the United States got just 2,500 cases. What states got them? Virginia, Florida, California, Kansas, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Puerto Rico.

Spéciale Cent Cinquante means “150” in French and celebrates Chimay’s 150 anniversary. This release is the first new beer to leave the brewery in 46 years. Hunterdon Distributors in New Jersey has already sold out of the 500 cases they were allocated.

Bad news for some Chimay fans out there.

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  1. Oh man, I’m going to pick some of this up. I’ve been drinking the Chimay blue for years!

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