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Dry hopped sour: Carolina Bauernhaus Kuningilin

Carolina Bauernhaus Kuningilin

Carolina Bauernhaus Kuningilin debuts on June 24th.

Nearby Asheville, North Carolina Riverbend Malt House and their Wrens Abruzzi Rye Malt serves at the base inspiration for this new release. Head brewery and co-founder Keston Helfrich oak soured a golden ale, then dry-hopped it with Vic Secret and Amarillo hops.

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The wren, not only the name of the malt, but pictured on the label, is “king of the birds” according to German legend. It is said it got that title by hitching a ride on the back of an eagle in order to become the highest flying bird in the world.

The spicy and earthy character of the rye malt used in this rustic refined ale is held aloft by a tart acidity drawn from our house strain of natively collected lactobacillus and crowned by a bright dry hop blend of Vic Secret and Amarillo hops.

Carolina Bauernhaus Kuningilin will be available in 750 milliliter bottles when the brewery opens on June 24th.

Style: American Wild Ale
Hops: Vic Secret, Amarillo
Malt: Wrens Abruzzi Rye

Availability: 750ml Bottles
Debut: 6/24/17


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