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Chicago’s Moxee Barbecue and Mad Mouse Brewery to close

This might be a blip on the radar for some. Chicago’s Moxee Barbecue and Mad Mouse Brewery will close at the end of the month.

June 30th will end a 3-year stint at 724 W. Maxwell St.

While the location will close by the end of the month, the beer will live on; brewed at Moxee’s sister location, Prairie Moon in Evanston. The owners also operate Wheatberry Tavern in Buchanan, Michigan.

The full Facebook post can be found below.

After three years of smokin’ and brewin’ on Maxwell Street, Moxee Barbecue and Mad Mouse Brewery is closing on June 30.

Mad Mouse beer is going to continue to be brewed and available at our Evanston restaurant, Prairie Moon.

There are so many fantastic people we’ve met in the past three years and we truly thank you for your support and business. We will miss seeing you. To our regulars (you know who you are), many of whom would come more than once per day, we simply can’t thank you enough for making us a part of your lives. Your friendship has made our time on Maxwell Street very special.

From the time we opened we have had had an amazing staff. Dedicated, thoughtful, and caring people who we are very fortunate to know. Thank you!

You can come see us at our other two restaurants, Wheatberry Tavern in Buchanan, Michigan, and Prairie Moon in Evanston. We also have other irons in the fire so you can expect to hear some updates in the coming months.

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