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Budweiser To Launch Tequila Flavored Offering “Oculto”

Anheuser-Busch has announced they will launch new tequila-flavored beer Oculto in spring, 2015.

Oculto is brewed with blue agave, then blended with beer aged in tequila barrels. The launch is designed to attract younger drinker demographic (those who have just turned 21) that aren’t drinking hard liquor yet, along with capturing some of the Mexican beer sales. Oculto has no tequila in it.

The label feature a skull with the Oculto name etched into it. The eyes will glow when the bottle is cold.

Oculto will be 6% ABV, and will be competing with Heineken USA’s recently launched Desperados, another tequila flavored offering.

22 thoughts on “Budweiser To Launch Tequila Flavored Offering “Oculto”

    • I loved TEQUIZA and was mad when I could not find it….I BOUGHT A SIX PACK TODAY but in GROCERY OUTLET where products go to be tested or ENDED…

  1. I like it. Similar to loaded Land Shark. A shot of Margaritaville Lime Tequila in your beer. Great summer drink.

  2. Tried it this evening. Not really my thing. Concerned about the brand image of the name and bottle art.

  3. just picked up a 6 pack after work, tore through 3 so far not bad, i usually only drink IPA’s but the skull had me sold, not a bad purchase for 7$ and tequiza was cactus piss btw, im not glorifying this but it is better than tequiza i believe it at least deserves that, haha

  4. Too light, too sweet even for summer. I wont waste beer so I will eventually get through this 6 pack. Overall I give it a 1.5 of 5.

  5. I’m a lager and dark ale drinker. I tried this at a local restaurant and I like it. It is light and refreshing. I could see this being a great beach drink and maybe even at a crawfish/crab boil. I give it a thumbs up!

  6. I agree w/the other poster about adding a shot….but req tequila, already has enough fruit & salt taste

  7. I enjoyed my first one today. Very nice taste. On the downside.. I do not enjoy the $10 plus upscale price tag. Bush knows how to make low prices. This to me is greedy an $8 would have been fair.

  8. I really enjoyed Tequiza and wish they would have started producing it again. I find this one thoroughly disgusting.

  9. I love the beer but not the price, it’s a basic lager with a nice first taste but I will not pay a premium price for a gimmick bottle

  10. I’m a huge Tequila fan, I drink it all the time. Then I usually drink a beer after. So……… This is the best of both worlds to me. I love it.

  11. What​ happen Whit the company? I don’t find oculto anywhere here in California

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