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Beer Snobbery on the Cover of The New Yorker?

If you haven’t seen it yet, the cover of The New Yorker’s food issue (November 3rd, 2014) puts craft beer into focus.

The artwork portrays craft beer in a snobbish light, a bit like its alcoholic counterpart, wine. Needless to say, the cover has set off a firestorm of analysis from folks in the craft beer industry, taking apart the cover based on gender, race, beer snob vs. beer geek, etc.

If you ask my opinion on it, the cover is just alluding to the fact that beer – especially craft beer, has grown from a cheap, mass marketed liquid, to something to be savored. Collected.

This is a fantastic time to be drinking craft beer, and it’s gaining the respect it deserves.

Just do what I do. Keep drinking.