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Wrecking Bar Plans To Can At New Facility

Wrecking Bar Brewpub (Atlanta, GA) will be building the north of the city in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The farm brewery will be the county’s first, and mark a major expansion by the pub.

Additionally, Wrecking Bar has plans to can at least some of their offerings at The Wrecking Barn Brewery (the name of the future location).

The Wrecking Barn just recently got its zoning green-light. Currently there is no solid timetable for the build.

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Wrecking Barn Brewery Gets Green Light

One of the southeast’s most well known brewpubs, Wrecking Bar, should soon receive rezoning approval by the Gwinnett County Planning Commission.

Owner Bob Sandage requested the rezone on a 7 acre property in Loganville, Georgia (Gwinnett County) to build a craft brewery with a farming aspect. The farm brewery will produce beer onsite, as well as produce for the Atlanta location in the Little Five Points area of the city.

A previous discussion Beer Street Journal had with Sandage in November, Wrecking Bar’s total output after the farm brewery build could reach 15,000 – 20,000 barrels (620,000 gallons) annually. However, that’s a few years down the road. Demand is already quite high for the near 5,000 barrels produced at the brewpub.

Wrecking Barn Brewery will be located on 4500 block of Brushy Fork Road, according to the zoning request.

Wrecking Bar opened their current location in June, 2011.

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Wild Heaven & Wrecking Bar Collaborate on “Wrecking Heaven”

This week, Wild Heaven Craft Beers (Avondale Estates, GA) and The Wrecking Bar (Atlanta, GA) unveil a new collaboration. Just in time for Atlanta Beer Week 2012, the two breweries have created a Polish-style Grätzer dubbed Wrecking Heaven. Before we get into the collab, let’s review what Grätzer is.

Grätzer is the German term for an indigenous Polish beer style called Grodziskie. You’ll see mention of the style in Polish brewing history through the late 1900’s. A Grätzer is a top fermented smoked wheat beer. Why is there a German term for the name? Two reasons actually. Grätzer is derived from the town of Grätz, now known as Grodzisk in Poland. Historically, the brew contained a mix of Polish and German hops & wheat. The two breweries recreated this style, at the Wrecking Bar in Atlanta.

Wrecking Heaven’ is a Grätzer, which is a little-known Polish style that is brewed with smoked wheat malt. We added the twist of some Special B malt as well as using Magnum and Nelson Sauvin hops. It clocks in at around 4.2% ABV and is a deliciously sessionable beer with smoky notes and a piney viniferous nose and finish. It is fermented with a Kolsch yeast and has a dry crispness through the finish with hints of tropical fruits and citrus.

This is Wrecking Bar’s first distributed beer. Tappings to follow.

Style: Smoked Wheat Beer (Grätzer)
Availability: Draft only

4.2% ABV

Taps 10/25/12


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Check Out Our Atlanta Beer Week ’12 Logo

Atlanta Beer Week 2012Atlanta Beer Week 2012 is coming, prep your livers.  October 20-27 will bring you the best beer, accented by some of the best food, and people in the industry.

If you ask me, Atlanta is one of the fastest growing beer markets in the United States.  With over 6 million people in and around the city, a great beer literally a few feet away.  In the past few weeks alone, Mother Earth Brewing, Anderson Valley, Clown Shoes, and Blue Point have entered the state.  Boulevard Brewing, Green Flash & Goose Island are on their way to the A.

 Let’s not forget some of the best beers are brewed in our own backyard.  Terrapin is growing, just passing the 10 year mark.  Red Brick shows us barrel aging is artform.  Wild Heaven brews up new beers while on the path to a home of their own in Avondale Estates.  2012 will be a big year for the Monday Night folks.  Georgia will have some hometown can beer soon when Red Hare  kicks up the line this summer.  Every time Jailhouse makes the 20 minute drive into the big city, it’s with a truck full of tasty that doesn’t last very long.  O’Dempsey’s been hitting some stout laden homeruns.  Oh, and Burnt Hickory?  We’re ready for you. Bring the heat.. SweetWater? Where to begin.  You don’t get ranked #23 craft brewery in the country for nothing.  They are the period at the long sentence that is the Atlanta beer scene.

Brewpubs? We’ve got ’em. 5 Seasons West has been rocking out lately with some of the best new creations since opening a couple of years ago.  5 Seasons Prado under Kevin McNearney is hop solid.  Wrecking Bar was recently nominated as one of the best in the U.S.   On the subject of the best in the U.S. – let’s talk beer bars. Some of the best on planet earth.  Porter Beer Bar, Brick Store Pub, Trappeze Pub (Athens) all break RateBeer.com’s Top 20.  Don’t even get me started on beer stores.  You’ve guessed it. More of the best in America.

Here in Atlanta we’re thirsty, and that’s just fine with us.  Forget what you thought you knew.  It’s the south. It’s beer. It’s Southern Beer Culture.

Thanks to Bart Sasso and Esperanza-ATL for the absolutely badass logo.  It will look good tattooed on something. 

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Atlanta Celebrates American Craft Beer Week 2012

It’s officially American Craft Beer Week 2012.  Some of your favorite establishments are celebrating.  Below is a list (of everyone that either published, or contacted BeerStreetJournal back) about this week’s events.   Not listed? Hit Contact Me above.  It will get added.  Now go. Get out. Drink up. 


Allagash Bourbon Black
Saison Mimh
Fluxus 2011
Hugh Malone
Little Big Beer


Saison Season – Featuring 6 saisons on tap


Dogfish Head Takeover, Featuring: Palo Santo 2011 Jiahu Pangea Hellhound Bitches Brew Red & White My Antonia Namaste Sah-Tea Ta henket


Avery Takeover: Featuring Avery 17, Avery 18, Avery Maharaja 2011, Avery Maharaja 2012, Collaboration not Litigation and more.



Yard Sale Breakfast. Featuring Terrapin Wake & Bake 2009, Terrapin Wake & Bake 2010, Terrapin Wake & Bake 2011, Terrapin Wake & Bake 2012, Founders KBS 2010, Founders KBS 2011, Founders KBS 2012, Founders CBS 2010,  Founders CBS 2011, Great Divide Espresso Yeti 2009, Great Divide Espresso Yeti 2010, Great Divide Espresso Yeti 2011, Great Divide Espresso Yeti 2012, Sweetwater Mean Joe Bean, Sweetwater BSP Quad Randallized with Coffee Beans,  2010 Southern tier Mokah, 2010 Southern tier Javah, 2011 Bell’s Java Stout & More.   Plus breakfast. Time? Early. Like… early.


Anderson Valley Brewing Launch –



Anderson Valley Launch:  Welcome Anderson Valley To Georgia – Boont AmberHop Ottin’ IPAImperial IPASummer Solstice, & Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout, Brother David’s Dubbel, Brother David’s Tripel


Spanish Cedar-aged version of our Husker Red Rye.


New batch of Jemmy American Stout


Cask: “Where There is Smoke, There is Fire” — our Punch Yo Momma Smoked Porter aged with chipotle peppers in the cask.


Drink Local Night.  Have a beer with SweetWater, Terrapin, Red Hare, Twain’s, Wild Heaven, Red Brick, Monday Night, Terrapin, plus a couple of casks.


 In-store tasting of One Screw Loose Jams, Jellie & Rubs. We met Chopper and the gang from One Screw Loose several months ago and immediately recognized genius, in spreadable form. They have perfected the art of rubs, jams and all things gelatinous, featuring Jailhouse brewery beer jellies, and all of the delicious flavors that you expect w/ a unique twist. We’ll be pairing some of our local cheeses and charcuterie here in the shop from 5:30-7:30. Spread some delicious love.

 We’ll have Randy Dempsey from O’Dempsey’s and Kevin Fox from Heavy Seas in the shop as we celebrate a collaborative cask that these mad scientists brewed a couple of months back. This particular concoction is a Lemongrass IPA, aged on Sycamore that is sure to be delicious. Casks are smaller vessels for beer (~10 gallons) that impart a ‘softer’ carbonation as the beer is naturally fermented in the cask, so growler fills will need to be consumed the day they are poured, but that shouldn’t be a problem as we know that a 1/2 gallon of this sucker will go down like water. We’ll have other kegs from both breweries available for growler fills as well. Join us from 6-8pm as we tap what is sure to be another epic experiment from these boys.

Locals only tap takeover. We’re gonna celebrate this week with some of our favorite offerings from our local breweries. We’ve held a couple of special kegs for a spell (Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy Special Winter, Jailhouse Experimental Saison, etc…) and all 12 taps will be local.

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Drinking Assignment: Wrecking Bar Brewpub

Wrecking Bar Brewpub,  Atlanta’s newest brewpub open it’s doors today at 12:30 pm!  The new brewpub is situated in Little 5 Points.

What You Need To Know:

The bar is the result of the hard work of Bob & Kristine Sandage & Doug Benson.  The head brewer is Chris Teremzi, a 20 year veteran of home brewing & Max Lagers.  The bar built into an old Victorian style home that used to be a Methodist Church, & dance school.  Upstairs is special event space.  Downstairs the bar & restaurant. The basement is the brewhouse.

The brewhouse is a 7 barrel DME system  with an 800 barrel capacity (24,800 gallon) a year.  There are 4 initial launch beers:

Golden Nelson Ale – American Pale Ale, 4.5% ABV, 45 IBUs.  Canadian honey malt, Nelson Sauvin hops.

Red Monkey Amber IPA – American IPA, 6.7% ABV, 68 IBUs.  Cascade, Centennial, Columbus hops, with a darker malt profile. A hoppy amber if you will.

Jemmy Stout – American Stout, 7% ABV, 47 IBUs.  Perle & Centennial hops mixed with a dark roasty malt background. Think pine, chocolate & coffee.

Belgina Wit – Witbier, 4.2% ABV, 15 IBUs.  The lowest abv beer on the menu.  Orange peel, oats & barley. Spicy wheat great for hot weather.

On deck to be tapped soon (currently fermenting away in the basement) West Coast IPA, Belgian Dubbel, Imperial IPA.  There is also a full bar if beer isn’t your thing.  (Thanks for reading though!)

The food looks great, though I haven’t gotten to taste it yet.  Expect beer & cheese soup, fries, salads, burgers, sandwiches, with entrees in the steak & salmon categories.  Only thing missing is some spent grain bread.  (A brewpub favorite.)

Wrecking Bar is open 7 days a week for your food & drinking needs.  11pm during the week, Midnight on the weekends.   There’s your Wrecking Bar run down.  Now get drinking.

Wrecking Bar Brewpub
292 Moreland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307