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Boulder, CO wants to encourage eating while drinking

We all know that eating while drinking can help to keep bad things from happening, but what if the law prevents it?  That is exactly what is being addressed in Boulder, CO.  Currently, laws require zoning for breweries, as well as wineries and distilleries, to estabilsh thier production and distribution facilities that does not allow food to be made on site.  Some breweries have found ways around this using catering companies or food trucks.  Twisted Pine and Boulder Beer have recieved permission from the city to serve food after a special review process.

It has been recommended by Boulder’s Planning Department that these codes be changed to allow on site restaurant operations for these facilities and is expected to go before the board on 10/20.

This would largely impact one of Boulder’s biggest craft breweries, Avery Brewing.  Avery wants to build a bigger facility in Boulder, including a restaurant, but if this change is not passed, he may be forced to move elsewhere.

Pic: Taco Mac/Terrapin Beer Dinner. Atlanta, GA

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