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Best Damn Cherry Cola, the next in Anheuser-Busch brand extensions

Best Damn Cherry Cola

Best Damn Cherry Cola looks to be the next hard soda release in Anheuser-Busch’s new brand extension, Best Damn Brewing.

In July 2015, Anheuser-Busch purchased the, and shortly after, Best Damn Apple Ale became the landing page.

While it is impossible to know exactly what goes through A-B’s executive’s heads, we presume the Apple Ale is designed to complete with the popular MillerCoors product – Redd’s Apple Ale. Additionally, Bud Light Apple hit the market in the southeast.

This month, Best Damn Root Beer is launching nationally according to various distributor reports.

Best Damn Cherry Cola is a new label registered to Best Damn Beer Co., via Anheuser-Busch, Saint Louis, Missouri. Like Apple and Root Beer, the product states it is – Ale aged on cherries, with natural flavors.

Best Damn Cherry Cola will be available in 12 ounce bottles, and draft. Looks like a 2016 launch.

15 thoughts on “Best Damn Cherry Cola, the next in Anheuser-Busch brand extensions

  1. With artificial flavors! With caramel coloring! Just because you shove a cucumber up my ass doesn’t make me a pickle jar. This isn’t really beer. It’s like Mike’s or 4 LOKO or something.

      • Ha! Oh, wait, that wasn’t funny. Reading Rainbow is a wonderful thing… I think they brought it back, even. You are on a website called “BEER Street Journal” looking at a product called an “Ale” which claims to be “aged on cherries” by “Best Damn Brewing”. Most of these words can be sounded out phonetically, but if you have trouble with some, I’m pretty sure “hooked on phonics” still exists…Quick google search… Yes, it does. It’s a fun way to learn how to read, unlike the boring drudgery you probably are used to…And it works! Millions of people have successfully completed the program. I think they have a higher pass to fail ratio than almost any other learn to read program. You might also note that “cherry cola” is the name of the product, not a testament to what the bottle contains. When you open a bottle of Three Floyds Dark Lord, you may or may not know, a Sith Lord is not actually in the bottle, it’s an imperial stout, which is a type of beer (the beverage on which this website focuses). So, you may go ahead and try that one, in case you’ve been putting it off in fear of unleashing an evil overlord amongst our ill-prepared population. I’ll tell you though, it’s overrated.

        • So, your expected a product called ‘cherry cola’ to taste like beer? You are dumb as a box of rocks

        • To your other comment, in order to reasonably think that a Sith Lord would pop out, you’d have to think that a Sith Lord actually existed in reality. Do you? No. I dont drink Three Floyds Dark Lord, but I doubt that they say it tastes like a Sith Lord…

  2. I’m drinking one as I type. If you like the taste of cherry cough syrup, then you’ll love this product. I think if they had just made it a ‘hard cola’ it would have been fine, but that cherry after taste is just as medicinal as it comes.

    • I should mention that the only reason I tried this was it was a ‘buy one get one free’ at my local grocery store. The root beer flavored is slightly more tolerable.

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