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Miller Coors Launches Redd’s Apple Ale

Redd’s Apple Ale (Albany, GA) has officially launched. The beer is “Crisp like an Apple. Brewed like an ale.” This is no cider, it’s a golden ale with red apple hints. The beer is a foreign brand owned by SABMiller, and now brewed at the MillerCoors plant in Albany.

“We are proud to introduce a refreshingly crisp brew that showcases the natural flavor of apples,” said Andrew Zrike, brand manager of Redd’s Apple Ale.  “By blending the flavor of apples into a golden ale, Redd’s Apple Ale is the perfect choice for the times when you want a refreshing and sweet alternative to your everyday beers.”

Style: Fruit Beer (Apples)
Availability: 12 oz bottles
Area: AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, ME, MI, MO, OK, TX

5% ABV 

53 thoughts on “Miller Coors Launches Redd’s Apple Ale

  1. This has been around here for several weeks now but I’ve passed over giving it a try because I figured it would basically be a cider. Also, it’s area does also include “the landmass between New Orleans and Mobile.”

  2. its delicious! i dont like cider, so was very happy with the flavor. it is a great beer to pair with meals or unwind with in the evening yum!

  3. Great Cider beer, first you taste the cider and then the beer. Not too sweet or harsh on the stomache. Enjoying this beer in South Dakota on this cold -15 degree day!

  4. i find it odd, that there is an apple beer by the name of REDD”S that is sold in europe………… how does this work? i doubt this is the same brewing company.

  5. It’s the same company SABmiller, redd’s came out in poland when sabmiller bought Lech and Tyskie. Sabmiller is the second largest beer conglomerate, second to inbev. Few people realize that 90% of the beer you see on shelves is owned by one of two beer conglomerate, buy locally crafted beer, and not some beer you’ve seen advertised on tv.

  6. So is this a cider or a beer? I am supposed to be gluten free and couldn’t find specific information on whether this product contained gluten.

    • Not sure where in PA you are, but I know in Central PA W&L just picked it up and we should be seeing it soon!

  7. why did my post go poof? was it because I did not like this beer ? to me it taste like apple cider vinegar!

  8. This is NOT a cider and is NOT gluten free. Miller did a poor job of making sure that was clear especially for us gluten intolerant people who could easily think this is a cider. Don’t learn the hard way like me… Tastes great but stay clear from this if you have gluten or wheat allergy!

    • Good to know, we’ve starting seeing this around recently too and were wondering the same thing. one more thing my husband can’t drink!

  9. Why isn’t this red apple beer in canda yet? The province of Alberta, Canada, loves its brewhas. I’m always in the mood to try differents beers but have been unsuccessful on trying this red apple beer because its like it doesn’t even exist in this country. Get this beer in Canada it will do very well in sales.

    • Why would you want this Miller produced garbage when you have an absolutely amazing apple ale in Unibroue Ephemere. Get with it ack yak!

  10. Would b nice to b able to find it here in Oregon. Been looking for it for the past few months no one carries it.

  11. I have never been a fan of beer until now. This is the BEST I have ever tasted. When you don’t feel like having a heavy drink but still want something with a little flavor, this is it!

  12. I really enjoyed it. It’s crisp and not too sweet. It tastes like a cross between a cider and a beer. Shout out to Albany, GA!

  13. Had it finally after hearing all about it didnt realize it came in a 16 oz can too was pretty good great way to chill after a days of work.

  14. this beer had been in poland for over 15 years and im so surprised that americans are getting it right now….sooooo sad. they just dont know whats good

  15. This apple lager is tasty but to me it is not the same as redds apple sold in poland. Too bad cause the Polish one is much tastier!

  16. Haven’t tried the beer. Commercials are awful: getting hit in the head by a thrown apple (not like Isaac Newton), a fall to the floor or cement patio, and with disinterested people all around apparently ok with someone being knocked down. Kids should not see these commercials! The apathy of others is horrible. Being hit like that? Horrible. The thud is nauseating. Hitting is not funny in these commercials.

  17. Just got home from work and had picked up a 6 pack yesterday at our local Walmart , chilled over 24 hrs and the second was better than the first ! Getting better ! The next one will be on top of one of Missouri’s Ozark mountains 😉 I do believe I will have to do another 6 pk . Pretty close to home made apple wine with a little bubble:)

  18. i think this drink is absolutely disgusting! It is definitely not for the connoisseur, it actually says “natural apple flavoring” which if that isn’t ghetto then I don’t know what is. It tastes like piss water with tons of sugar, not to mention the massive headache in the morning. NOT WORTH IT. I’ve never tasted a cider this sweet or a beer this disgusting!

  19. Well you all do have so many choices; either you like it or don’t. No one is forcing you to buy it. As far as those who say it’s like Apple cider vinegar; that is good for you; whether you realize it or not. Raw Apple cider is a real health cure for many ailments. Mixed with water and a bit of honey; makes a fairly palatable health drink. I have a 15 year old dog who used to have hip dysplasia; who runs around like a puppy; ever since I put a table spoon in her water everyday. Our vet can hardly believe it.

  20. Caramel coloring, bad and I’m sure the wheat is not GMO free since Miller beer is not or Budweiser for that matter!!

  21. I am sitting at the bar in Bocampers tonight and I saw a apple at the top of the section where the pour for draft beers. I ask for A test and I could not believe it. It did not have the taste like beer which was great. I can’t stand the taste of beer and it taste even better than the ciders. Thanks so much for the alternative. Now I can join my husband with a drink when we go out now.

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