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Beer Street Journal Video: Pizza Boy Cans Sour Beers

Pizza Boy Brewing (Enola, PA) has been spending a little bit of time here in March experimenting with canning sour beers. The small brewpub/pizzeria has an impressive lineup of sours and fruit infused berliner weisse. Using We Can Mobile Canning (another Pennsylvania Company) head brewer Terry Hawbaker is seeing how the funky, fruity offerings hold up in cans.

The brewery is hoping to launch the the cans (if all goes well) late Spring, early Summer, 2013.  Pizza Boy is also undergoing a multi-million dollar expansion/brewery build out just down the road from the current location.  Look for an inside look from Beer Street Journal later in the week.

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  1. Rodenbach has been canning in Europe for years. I have personally had one and it was delicious.

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