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Beer Growler To Open 4 More ATL Area Stores

The Beer Growler – first opening in Athens, Georgia in 2010 has made a pretty big announcement.  The addition of 4 new stores in the Atlanta area in the next 90 days.  Last year, The Beer Growler opened a second store in Avondale Estates.

Locations of the new stores:

  • Alpharetta — 865 North Main Street
  • Brookhaven — 1426 Dresden Drive
  • John’s Creek — 300 Old Alabama Road
  • Suwanee — 4140 Moore Road

One thought on “Beer Growler To Open 4 More ATL Area Stores

  1. Their second location is now their only location, since their store in Athens couldn’t quite cut the mustard.  Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of bereft, passionless morons.

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