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Beer Growler Opens In Athens!

It looks like Georgia just entered the 21st Century.  The first growlers have been “legally” sold in Athens, Georgia.

The Beer Growler has official opened its doors.  $4 dollars gets you a refillable growler, and 8-25 dollars fills it.  Beers include New Belgium’s “La Folie”, Dogfish Head’s “Chateau Jiahu”, and Southern Tier’s “2XIPA”.

Again, read up on the info surrounding growlers in Georgia in my previous post.  Keep in mind, while the State of Georgia has revised its views on the use and sale of growlers, ultimately it is up to the city to allow or disallow.  (with other stipulations too.)

Check out The Beer Growler’s site is still coming soon –>

The store is located on Baxter Street in Athens, GA near George Gibson’s Menswear, and Gosford Wine

Thanks @jbyce for the photo…

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  1. Plenty of great beer things in Athens to do. The five points guys have 90 taps between two locations for growlers. Pretty insane. Look out for whole foods cranking up growlers when they get to starting up in Athens.

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