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Baxter Bootleg Fireworks, a Hop Bomb in a Can

Baxter Bootleg Cans

Baxter Brewing (Lewiston, ME) will release a new hoppy canned offering this November – Bootleg Fireworks.

The brewery says this beer isĀ intentionally a bit off balanced. It makes sense too, as the beer features 8 different hops, and 4 different dry hops over the course of 2 weeks. The malts are as light as possible to the chunks of hops added to this beer shine.

Baxter Bootleg Fireworks will launch in 16oz cans and draft November 17th.

Style: Imperial IPA
Hops: Over 6 lbs per barrel

Availability: 16oz Cans, Draft. Limited release.
Arrival: 9/17/14

9% ABV