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Baxter Bootleg Fireworks, a Hop Bomb in a Can

Baxter Bootleg Cans

Baxter Brewing (Lewiston, ME) will release a new hoppy canned offering this November – Bootleg Fireworks.

The brewery says this beer is intentionally a bit off balanced. It makes sense too, as the beer features 8 different hops, and 4 different dry hops over the course of 2 weeks. The malts are as light as possible to the chunks of hops added to this beer shine.

Baxter Bootleg Fireworks will launch in 16oz cans and draft November 17th.

Style: Imperial IPA
Hops: Over 6 lbs per barrel

Availability: 16oz Cans, Draft. Limited release.
Arrival: 9/17/14

9% ABV

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DC Brau & Baxter Brewing Create New Can Collab

Lewiston, Maine’s Baxter Brewing and DC Brau (Washington D.C.) have teamed up on a new collaboration beer – Daughters of Poseidon. A stout/ipa hybrid brewed with oysters.

Brandon Skall, founder of DC Brau and Luke Livingston of Baxter Brewing met a couple of years ago at the American Craft Beer Festival in Boston. Their breweries were founded about a year apart, and both can their offerings. Both breweries are even close to the ocean. Why not collaborate?

The result is a unique recipe, more like a dark IPA than a stout, brewed with precisely the same ingredients at both DC Brau and Baxter. Except that the DC version uses locally sourced Rappahannock Oyster Co. Olde Salt oysters, and the Maine version uses oysters from Glidden Point Oyster Company in the Pemaquid (ME) area.

The duo spent time each oysters on the water in Boston during their time at the festival. A perfect way to remember their meeting was to add oysters to the collaboration. 800 pounds worth, to be exact. DC Brau/Baxter Daughters of the Poseidon will be available in 16oz cans for a limited time.

Style: Stout (w/ Oysters)
Availability: 16oz Cans
Arrival: May 8th, 2014

Release Events:

Meridian Pint (Washington D.C) 5/8, 5 pm
Deep Ellum (Boston, MA) – 5/29
American Craft Beer Fest – 5/30 – 5/31

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Baxter Brewing Hits Vermont

As of December 1, Baxter Brewing will ship all of their offerings to Vermont. The brewery signed a distribution deal with g.housen.

Look for bottles and draft all over the state. Parties will be announced via @BaxterBrewing.


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Baxter Brewing’s Phantom Punch Returning in October

Baxter Brewing Phantom Punch Winter Stout

Baxter Brewing is getting ready to release another round of Phantom Punch Winter Stout.

The beer is brewed with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans to compliment the roasted chocolate and caramel malts. Look for it in Baxter’s distribution network starting in mid-October, 2013.

Style: Stout (w/ Vanilla Beans, Cocoa Nibs)
Arrival: October, 2013

6.8% ABV

Ed Note: Amended article to reflect the beer is returning Thanks @BrewboundFern

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Baxter: New Logo, Expansion, All About Beer Feature

Baxter Brewing Logo

Baxter Brewing Co. (Lewiston, ME) is in currently expanding. By the end of 2013, Baxter’s production capacity will grow to 400% more than the current capacity. Not bad for a brewery that is about to turn two. An updated brewery logo was just unveiled (above), and don’t miss brewery founder Luke Livingston featured in All About Beer’s “30 Under 30” article. On shelves now.


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