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Another Duvel Green Opportunity!

Duvel Green has made some rare and limited appearances on tap in Atlanta.  If you have missed them before, here is another opportunity.  Duvel Green will be tapping at The Porter Beer Bar on February 23rd @ 6pm.

Duvel was created by Albert Moortgat to commemorate the end of World War I, and was originally called “Victory Ale.” However, over time the name permutated into Duvel (spawning from a phrase ”nen echten duvel” referring to the high alcohol content of the beer.)

Duvel in a bottle as you have come to know — is brewed over the course of 90 days and undergoes 2 technical fermentations (You will also see it referred to as 3 fermentations — Top fermenting, Lagering, Bottle fermenting). After 30 days, the first fermentation is complete and is then tested. At this point, Duvel is light and less alcoholic than the final bottle product. (Est 6.5% ABV.)

When the results of the first fermentation are approved, it is added to the bottle with extra yeast and sugar, and fermented for an additional 60 days in warm and cold temperatures. The final result — Duvel — in a bottle, 8.5% ABV.

So what is Duvel Green?

Essentially, Duvel Green is the product of the 1st fermentation. It is what the brewers taste prior to secondary fermentation. Duvel Green has been bottled before, but is very small quantities sold only at the brewery in Belgium.

Why is it called Duvel Green?

“Green” doesn’t have any environmental connotation. Green in this case refers to its younger state. Duvel Green is a lighter tasting, single fermented version than its bottle predecessor. Hence the name – Duvel “Green.”

These kegs of Duvel Green have been very few and far between.  I can count about 5 or less that I have seen since last June.  So, grab a taste of  a rare beer at The Porter.

The Porter Beer Bar, February 23rd — 6:30pm

1156 Euclid Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30307