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AleSmith Announces 2013 Reserve Beers

Starting January 15th you can begin placing your orders from AleSmith’s 2013 Reserve Beers. This year’s selections will be Barrel Aged Old Numbskull and Kopi Luwak Speedway Stout.

“Barrel Aged Old Numbskull is our award winning American Barleywine Ale matured in premium bourbon barrels for up to one year to develop it’s rich intense flavor profile. ┬áThis beer has not been released since 2010.

Kopi Luwak Speedway Stout is our award winning year round Speedway Stout with Kopi Luwak Coffee. Considered one of the world’s most expensive and rare coffee varieties, the beans are specifically selected for their ripeness and quality by the civet, a small jungle marsupial that feeds of the fruit of the coffee cherry. Expertly roasted by San Diego’s Ryan Bros. Coffee leads to an extremely aromatic and exceptionally smooth final product that complements Speedway Stout exceptionally well!

AleSmith has very specific requirements for the ordering and pick up of these rare beers. Only 4 bottles of each beer can be ordered and must be ordered in your name. When picking up you must be able to show ID and no proxy orders will be accepted. Also, all bottles must be picked up between January 19th and March 10th at the brewery or they will be surrendered back to the brewery.