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Abita Honey Rye Added To Select Series

Abita Brewing’s newest “Select” release is Honey Rye Ale.  Select brews vary in style, and are always draft only.  This most recent addition shipped last week of July, and is hitting tap handles & growler stations now.

Our Honey Rye Ale is made with pale, wheat, and rye malts. It also has a blend of four different caramel malts. We used 20% rye malt to give the beer a very good rye flavor and aroma. The extra rye also gives a fuller mouthfeel to the beer. We added a generous amount of wildflower honey as well. This gives the beer a sweet aroma and flavor. We used Willamette hops, but the beer is not very bitter and has very little hop aroma. This allows the flavors of the rye and honey to come through. The result is a full bodied, sweet, and malty beer.

Style: Rye Beer, brewed w/ honey
Hops: Willamette
Malts:  Pale, Wheat, Rye
Wildflower honey

Availability:  Draft only, one time release.

7% ABV, 28 IBUs