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21st Amendment & Ninkasi Collaborate

21st Amendment Brewing and Ninkasi Brewing (Eugene, Oregon) have been working on a new “yet to be named” collaboration.  I got to sit down with 21st’s Shaun O’Sullivan over beers and a slew of charcuterie plates and get to know 21A a bit better.

This collaboration is born out of friendship.   Shaun O’Sullivan and Ninkasi’s Jamie Floyd used to work together at Steelhead Brewing Company in San Francisco.  Each one has gone on to found very successful brewing company’s, but the respect for each others work is very evident.

The forthcoming brew is an old ale – but as Shaun O’Sullivan puts it – “there’s nothing old about it.”  Each of the duo have brewed a version of the base old ale recipe before.  Shaun took bronze with it as Fort Pointe Olde Ale at GABF in 1997.  What’s not so old about it? Brand new hop styles and speciality ingredients of course. The Shaun and Jamie used Falconer Flight hops, a young blend of some of the best aromatic hops in the U.S. made by Hopunion to honor legendary homebrewer Glen Hay Falconer.  California dates give the old ale added flavor and complexity.

The ale will be canned as a part of 21A’s Insurrection Series with Monk’s Blood & Hop Crisis.  It has a World War II theme, echoing “The Big 3 Alliance” –  Russia, England & the U.S. banding together to defeat nazi Germany.  This new alliance in a can teams up Ninkasi, 21A and you, the drinker to fight the “bigger” element. [Think large beer.]  The cans will look like 1940’s newspapers.  Expect this beer by year’s end.

Style: Old Ale brewed with Cali dates
Availability: 4pks cans, Draft. Distributed through 21A’s network

8.7% ABV

Recent correction: Shaun O’Sullivan won a bronze for “Fort” Point Olde Ale

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