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A Dark Steam Beer Called Black Vapor

Sierra Nevada Black Vapor

Sierra Nevada Black Vapor

Looks like Sierra Nevada is brewing a bit more of Black Vapor.  Vapor was/is a draft only release that Sierra brewed with the people at Briess Malts.  It debuted at the Craft Brewers conference in San Francisco, California.  The style is California Common, a “steam beer.” I use quotes because Anchor Brewing has trademarked the steam beer name.  Commons are American lagers, originating back to a time where refrigeration was basically non existent.  A lager yeast that fermented at warmer temperatures was used.  Vapor is a bit of a hybrid, using midnight wheat malt & lager year.

Style: California Common
Hops: Magnum, Northern Brewer (Bitter).  Aurora, Experimental (Aroma).
Malts: Midnight Wheat, Briess Pilsner, Caramel 40, Bonlander Munich
Yeast: California Lager
Availability: Draft only, currently limited to California.

5% ABV, 38 IBUs