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88 Year Old Grandma Rocks a Thong For Ethel’s Brew

In one of the most interesting viral ads for a brewery to date, meet Ethel’s Brew.  The brand is centered around Ethel, and 88 year old single lady in New York.  She’s a widow now, as her husband Burt past away.  Ethel is single and ready to mingle.  The campaign is as funny as it’s disturbing.  There’s a lot tight clothing, leopard prints, even a thong pic or two.

The beer isn’t available that we know of.  Yet.  By the looks of it, there are a few offerings prime and ready to go.  Just like Ethel.  She’s here to remind everyone – go out with a bang.  


RIP, Burt.

An Ethelism

Time To Party!

Dancing Grandma

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