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1.21 Jigawatts!!!!

Terrapin Brewing confirmed over the weekend that Side Project #16 will be called “Flux Capacitor.”  Rumor has it, its the beer that makes time travel possible.  (before you comment, that’s a joke.)  It won’t appear until post summer sometime.  Terrapin’s production schedule is filling up fast.

Tomfoolery (SP #14)  just arrived.  Indiana Krunkles is #15 – a wheat based IPA.  Target arrival by May.   Summer gives way to the new Midnight Project with Left Hand Brewing.  That gives way to fall, with some more surprises up Terrapin’s sleeve.

The style hasn’t been disclosed.  The name isn’t 100% either.  There’s going to be a little legal discussion before the beer goes public.  Lawsuits suck.