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Georgia Enters The 21st Century

Tonight was a big night for alcohol in Georgia.  Sunday sales (SB 10) has passed by a vote of 127-44, allowing for the state to sell alcohol off premise on Sunday.  If you’re not in Georgia, here’s a bit about the alcohol situation in the state.  Sales of alcohol (wine, beer, liquor) were only permitted between 12pm & 12 am (2 am for some counties) for ON premise only.  That means bars.  Grocery stores can sell beer and wine in the state, but not on sunday.  That goes for all package stores.

For the first time in 8 years, the State of Georgia has a governor that would sign Sunday sales into law.  With Nathan Deal’s signature, each of the state’s 157 counties can hold referendums to decide whether to allow sales.

Until tonight, Georgia was one of only three states that does not allow Sunday sales.  The others are Indiana and Connecticut.  <AJC>

6 thoughts on “Georgia Enters The 21st Century

  1. Georgia has 159 counties.

    Otherwise, this is good news from most perspectives. I would be upset if I were a liquor store owner.

  2. I’d imagine Dekalb and Fulton will pass this rather easily. I wonder if people in other rural counties will pay enough attention to vote or be swayed by the religious folks that will invoke John Lithgow’s “Footloose” intimidation.

  3. I’m surprised South Carolina ever allowed Sunday sales.  I’m even more surprised that Georgia is lagging behind South Carolina.

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