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Terrapin Chopsecutioner, aged on baseball bats will be available at Suntrust Park

Terrapin Chopsecutioner

Terrapin Chopsecutioner, a lower alcohol by volume edition of the brewery’s flagship IPA, debuts this month.

Maybe drinking 7.3% ABV IPA for 9 innings of baseball in a hot city like Atlanta isn’t recommended. Terrapin Chopsecutioner is here to help. The Athens, Georgia based brewery has a new 5 barrel pilot system at Suntrust Park, the new home of the Atlanta Braves and is the birthplace of this unique beer.

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Attendees to Suntrust Park this summer will see quite a few unique recipes coming out of the new ATL BrewLab, starring with Chopsecutioner, which is actually aged on Mizuno wood bat chips. The hop lineup is the same as the bigger Hopsecutioner sibling, but with a lighter body, lower ABV, and a touch of wood flavor from the bats.

Terrapin Chopsecutioner will be available at Terrapin’s ATL BrewLab year-round when the season opens next week.

Style: IPA (Aged on Baseball Bats)
Availability: Draft Only. Suntrust Park
Debut: April, 2017

5% ABV, 60 IBUs

There is another IPA aged on baseball bats, dubbed ‘Homefront’, that benefits a great cause -Operation Homefront. 

  • BK31

    Already available at the Terrapin Taproom which is open to the public on non game days. I work in one of the towers across from the park and we walked over for lunch yesterday. It wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t thoroughly impressed by it and I’m a big fan of Hopsecutioner. FYI, there’s a local legend here in Atlanta that former longtime bartender over at SOHO in Vinings Johnny Dollar helped name the beer when it was first being experimented with which is why there’s a dollar sign on every can and bottle of Hopsecutioner.


    isnt terrapin owned by miller ?