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Stone Brewing to team up with punk band NOFX

Stone Punk in Drublic

NOFX can easily considered one of the most successful independent bands of all time. Formed in 1983 by bassist Fat Mike and guitarist Eric Melvin, the band has never signed with a major label. That kind of independence is very familiar to California’s Stone Brewing. Perhaps that’s where¬†Stone Punk in Drublic, a collaboration with NOFX rises from.

First, the name. Stone Punk in Drublic is named for NOFX’s 1994 release by the same name, considered the band’s most popular release.

This craft brewing meets punk music collaboration, is a hoppy lager perfect for “when you just need something to wash the noise down.”

This beer was brewed as a collaboration between Stone Brewing and Fat Mike. Who showed up and mostly just got in the way.

Stone Brewing has not yet officially announced this release.

Stone Punk in Drublic will be available in 12 ounce bottles and draft.

Style: Lager
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Debut: TBA

5.8% ABV

  • Charlie Ritchie

    El hefe weizen

    • Liam Kearney


  • Charlie Ritchie

    Ale of me

  • Charlie Ritchie

    Dont call me white ale

  • Andrew Page

    The Brew’s brew

  • Shaun cooper

    oi oi we’re the brews

  • Charlie Ritchie

    The lager-est line

  • Charlie Ritchie

    Liza and Booze-eese