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Stone looks to make a strong political statement with ‘I’M PEACH’ Double IPA

Stone I'M PEACH Double IPA

Stone Brewing looks to make a political statement in 2018. Stone I’M PEACH Double IPA is coming next year. 

We live in turbulent times. The United States is more polarized politically then it has in years. By the looks of it, Stone Brewing will be making a bold political statement in the form of a beer – Stone I’M PEACH Double IPA.

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In case you missed the not subtle note in the name – I’M PEACH aka IMPEACH. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out they are alluding to President Trump. Read the allusion in the beer’s description:

It’s what a lot of us are thinking. We want to shout I’M PEACH from the rooftops. Yet, we’re afraid of the potential alienation from select peach-hating members of our friends and family. We want to call fro and I’M PEACH, but we’re afraid that we’ll look soft. Peach soft, like some freedom hating sissy, right? Nope. Not in our world. We know peaches are for the righteous. We’ve seen the light of their sweet juicy glory and how they pair excellently with the standup character of an American IPA. It’s not just right for you, it’s right for the country. You’re proud of our beautiful nation. You support good taste. Have an I’M PEACH party and we’ll unite hops, peaches, and each other.

Not much subtlety found there.

While presidential impeachment is not currently on the calendar, Stone I’M PEACH Double IPA is slated for release in May, 2018.

7 thoughts on “Stone looks to make a strong political statement with ‘I’M PEACH’ Double IPA

  1. Man, fuck this. I’m no fan of our current POTUS, but fuck this. My beer time is MY time, a time free from the conflict, the division, the insanity of our current social and political landscape. For me, it’s a time for reflecting on and appreciating the good things in life, not being reminded of the bad things. I’m bombarded with that shit all day every day, so I don’t want my beer time tainted with the trappings of politics. Beloved brewers, please, for the love of God, don’t pollute the sanctity of one of the last bastions of sanity and tranquility in my life!
    Same goes to you, 5 Rabbits!

    • I like it. With so many great beers on the market, it makes it hard to chose sometimes. These brewers just make it easier on myself to not buy their beer by forcing their politics on me no matter the side they are coming from.

      Thank you Stone, now I can remove you from my options!

    • Hey, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. There are plenty of other fruity IPAs out there.

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