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Lagunitas Founder Tweets He’s Dropping Sierra Nevada Suit

Lagunitas founder Tony Magee is one of the most open craft brewery owners on social media. He’s always sharing his thoughts about brewery ownership, and even legal matters on Twitter.

This evening he states he learned a lesson in regards to today’s news about Lagunita’s infringement suit again Sierra Nevada. The court of public opinion is a rough one.

Tony Magee mentioned 140 characters at a time that he was testing the waters to see how legally defensible his trademarks for IPA actually are. As “the worst day in the 23 years of Lagunitas” he plans on dropping the infringment suit against Sierra Nevada as early as Wednesday, January 14th.


  • Brad R

    Good on him. He could have doubled down and let his pride get the best of him. Well done.

  • yuck_foo

    Rule #1 in brewing; Don’t be a dick to other brewers. Didn’t see it coming?

  • JTHM

    Nice to see it end quickly. A little Humble Pie is good for the Soul.

  • Mark

    DOUCHE LORD. What is wrong with these sissy boys?!

  • Radioactive Man

    There are only so many ways to properly kern the letters I, P and A. The Lagunitas guy (and his lawyers) are morons and deserve every bit of backlash they receive.

  • The real BS

    Douche. Don’t say thanks, say I’m sorry.

  • Clint

    Too late… already showed his true colors and lost this customer.

  • Mike

    he wasn’t testing any waters….

  • KB

    One more sentence about the infringement suit would have been nice. I knew nothing about this previously, so is the suit about the recipe, brewing process, packaging design, bottle shape and color? What?

    • j

      it’s the next link on this site.