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Wicked Weed’s Head of Sour Production departs for BrewDog

Brewdog Richard Kilcullen

Asheville, Norh Carolina’s Wicked Weed Brewing said goodbye today to their Head of Sour Production manager Richard Kilcullen. He is departing the brewery for Scotland based BrewDog.

An employee with Wicked Weed since day one, Kilcullen is one of the talented individuals responsible for the magic that comes out of the brewery’s Funkatorium.

Construction begins this month on Brewdog’s sour and wild beer facility in Ellon, Scotland, near Aberdeen.

“One of my greatest passions as a brewer is incorporating the local flavors and flora into my beers. I look forward to finding native yeasts and microbes everywhere from the heather-strewn fields, the oldest of orchards, and maybe some of the icy peaks in the Highlands as well. The Scots are no strangers to wild yeast and barrel aging and I hope to tap into that tradition to give BrewDog beers an identity all their own” – Richard Kilcullen

The new facility is tentatively being called Brewdog Overworks, a stand alone sour and wild facility. The brewery should be completed by fall, 2017. Per BrewDog, expect fruited Berliner Weisse, oak barrel sour ales, fruited sour ales, farmhouse ales, and of course – a lot of oak foudres.


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Brewdog’s 55% ABV “End of History” will be brewed in Ohio

Brewdog End of History

Brewdog End of History, the Scottish brewery’s 55% alcohol by volume beer that is packaged in a taxidermied squirrel, will be brewed stateside.

Back in 2010, Brewdog released just 12 bottles of End of History, best know probably for its packaging, and not the ridiculous strength of the beer itself. Biologically, a 55% ABV beer isn’t brewed by fermentation alone, so Brewdog continually freezes off excess water dozens of times, resulting in the 55% monster.

Incidentally, End of History will be the first beer brewed at the new Brewdog facility in Ohio. Recently, Ohio repealed an old law preventing beer over 12% ABV to be sold in the state.

If you want a bottle of one of the world’s most rare beer, it will cost you. Investors that commit at least $20,000 dollars to the brewery’s Equity for Punks program (a crowd funding initiative), will be offered access to End of History.

To date, Equity for Punks has raised over 50 million in funds for Brewdog’s various expansion initiatives.

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Brewdog To Build Brewery In Columbus, Ohio, Plus 5 Bars [UPDATED]

Scottish craft brewery and TV stars, Brewdog, will build a 100,000 square foot brewery in Canal Winchester, Ohio, just 15 miles from Columbus. The site will span over 40 acres, boast a 100-barrel brewhouse, a tap room, restaurant, and office space.

The brewery has formally announced the build this week, which will cost around $30 million dollars. The starting capacity is 85,000 barrels (2.6 million gallons) annual. Future capacity for the Ohio facility will break 800,000 barrels. Brewdog USA will employ around 125 people.

“America has one of the world’s most eclectic, energetic beer scenes imaginable, and we’re psyched to be pledging allegiance to the craft beer revolution in the USA.” – James Watt, Brewdog co-founder

Brewdog has already opened 27 bars across the United Kingdom since 2010. In addition to the new facility, the brewery plans to build at least five Brewdog themed bars in the United States. Beer Street Journal is told the northeast, west coast, and Florida are all potential build sites.

In order to fund the brewery build, Brewdog is using around $3 million dollars raised fromEquity for Punks, a crowd funding campaign first launched in the United Kingdom.

The build is expected to be completed by August, 2016.

Updated 6/29/15, 3:15 pm

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Brewdog Born to Die, Inspired By Stone’s Enjoy By IPA

Brewdog Born to Die

Looks like Europe is getting into “devastatingly fresh” IPAs like their drinking buddies, America.

Brewdog is releasing a new IPA called Brewdog Born to Die, inspired by Stone’s Enjoy By IPA series. Stone’s edition is meant to be bottled, shipped and consumed within a 40 day window.

Brewdog’s version is intended to be consumed as fast as you get your hands on it as well. But then again, isn’t that all IPAs?

Style: IPA
Hops: Amarillo, Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra

?? ABV

Image via Brewdog

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Deschutes Collaborates with Brewdog in Scotland

Brewdog Deschutes Collaboration

Bend, Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery has recently been brewing with Scotland’s Brewdog. The two teams (seen above) created a new beer in the spirit of The Abyss – a “big bad imperial porter”.

The beer has yet to be named. No mention of any kegs coming to the United States at this time.

Image via Brewdog

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Brewdog Aims To Open Hotel with Beer on Tap

Scottish craft brewery, Brewdog, has started another round of crowdfunding you’ve come to know as Equity for Punks. The money from this round of funding will go to building a Brewdog Hotel in Ellon, Scotland.

Brewdog Hotel won’t just have rooms, but rooms with a beer on tap. Nearby is a Brewdog brewing facility. Ellon is a little rural, and the hotel combined with the brewery aims to be a boost to the Ellon economy.

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Brewdog Eyes U.S. Production Location

Scottish craft brewer, Brewdog, might be eyeing a United States production location.

Stone Brewing Co. announced late last year that the brewery would build an east coast facility in Richmond, Virginia. Brewery co-founder Greg Koch mentioned on the brewery’s Facebook page that Brewdog could potentially build stateside. Furthermore, Stone would be interested in making connections with governments and officials not only in Richmond, Virginia but other cities on behalf of Brewdog.

Dear Columbus, Ohio & Norfolk, Virginia –

Our good friends at Scotland’s BrewDog are potentially looking for a U.S. spot to locate a production facility, tasting room…and perhaps even a restaurant. I told them that I’d be more than happy to make an introduction to the good folks at the other two “Top 3” locations we considered (ultimately we chose Richmond, Virginia, as you all know). Of course, we’ll make direct introductions between James Watt at BrewDog and the governmental officials of your two fine cities, and let you take any possible discussions from there. We really value the relationships we have built, and are more than happy to help connect some dots with our friends at BrewDog.

Cheers | Greg Koch, CEO & Co-founder, Stone Brewing Co.

Brewdog owns a production facility, and 26 bars/bottle shops in the United Kingdom and beyond.