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Brewdog’s 55% ABV “End of History” will be brewed in Ohio

Brewdog End of History

Brewdog End of History, the Scottish brewery’s 55% alcohol by volume beer that is packaged in a taxidermied squirrel, will be brewed stateside.

Back in 2010, Brewdog released just 12 bottles of End of History, best know probably for its packaging, and not the ridiculousĀ strength of the beer itself. Biologically, a 55% ABV beer isn’t brewed by fermentation alone, so Brewdog continually freezes off excess water dozens of times, resulting in the 55% monster.

Incidentally, End of History will be the first beer brewed at the new Brewdog facility in Ohio. Recently, Ohio repealed an old law preventing beer over 12% ABV to be sold in the state.

If you want a bottle of one of the world’s most rare beer, it will cost you. Investors that commit at least $20,000 dollars to the brewery’s Equity for Punks program (a crowd funding initiative), will be offered access to End of History.

To date, Equity for Punks has raised over 50 million in funds for Brewdog’s various expansion initiatives.

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  1. I’m sure they’ve done their homework but my understanding is that under a normal federal (TTB) brewery license you are prohibited from removing water from beer by freezing, at least anything over half a % alcohol by volume (.5% abv). It would be interesting to see if it is sold as beer or will it fall under spirits in the US. There’s a reason why you don’t see this done (legally) at US craft breweries.

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