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Yuengling Bock Hits the Southeast!

I wrote about Yuengling Bock on this site a year ago when I had it on draft on a trip up north.  Yuengling Bock debuted in 2009 in limited draft offerings to celebrate Yuengling’s 180th Annivesary.   Bock was last produced  by the brewery40 years prior.  It was so well received last year it is returning (and has arrived) this year for not only draft offering, but this time – bottles.

After the release last year, Yuengling was flooded with calls asking where to find Bock Beer and where to buy bottles to take home and share.  Also, even though there was a demand for it, Bock’s distribution didn’t make it out of the northeast.  2010 will see not only the return, but the expanded release of Yuengling Bock.

Bocks are strong lagers, which began traditionally brewed for special occasions and limited batches.  Bocks are typically stronger in ABV using dark malts.  Yuengling Bock is just that, as its 5.1% ABV which is strong than the popular lager at 4.4% ABV.  In the Bock aroma, you will notice stronger sweet malty tones, with some similarities to the traditional lager.

Availability – January 18th, 2010 for 10 – 12 weeks.   12oz/6 packs, and draft offerings.  (Tower – In Stock, Hop City – Today)

Special Tap Parties this Friday 2/12/10  – Debuts on Taps at most Taco Macs in Atlanta at 5 pm!

Fun Fact – The artwork is based on the original artwork from 1941 that can be found on display in the Yuengling Gift Shop in Pottsville, PA.  Also, Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery, and is still American owned.