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Shiner 101 Arrives

Shiner fans get excited.  Hitting Atlanta shelves today is Shiner 101.  This offering by Spoetzl Brewing – Shiner, Texas is a traditional Czech-style pilsner.

The pilsner is a pale lager that origniated in Pilsen, Bohemia – now modern day Czech Republic.  Pilsners use pale malts and noble hops (low aroma, more for bittering) typically Saaz or Hallertau.  This pilsner by Shiner is brewed with just 4 ingredients – water, barley, yeast and hops.   The same way it evolved.

Ingredient Profile –

Hops – Saaz hops from Czech Republic

Malts – Bohemian Barley

ABV – 4.6%

22 IBU’s (International Bittering Units.  Low number = Low Bitter)

Available now – 12 oz/6 pks & Draft

Sightings Updated ASAP