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Yuengling Bock – 180th Aniversary Release

Yuengling Bock - 180th Anniversary Release

Just incase you have been living under a rock, Yuengling is America’s oldest Brewery. (1829.) Yes… It outdates Bud, Miller, Schlitz, and yes… even PBR.

2009 Marks Yuengling’s 180th Year of operation. Yuengling even managed to stay open during “The Dark Years” aka prohibition. History lesson aside, Yuengling has released for a limited time – Yuengling Bock. This isn’t Yuengling’s first bock production – but it is indeed the first in recent history.

The first barrels shipped in February, and will only continue for up to 12 weeks. Available only in 1/2 barrels. No word if they will make their way south as it only took 179 and half years TO GET YUENGLING IN GEORGIA!!!!

P.S. I have have had the honor of consuming Y. Bock. It’s so so good. Exactly what you expect from a Yuengling brew.