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Yazoo Fresh Hop #58 A Fresh Hop

Yazoo Brewing (Nashville, TN) is brewing a fresh hopped IPA today destined for the Hop Project series.  #58 features 200 lbs of amarillo hops picked August 31st.

Yazoo is using a new brewing method for this brew.  Not a brew geek, stop here.  You’ll see #58 on shelves in September.

The method:

We boiled the wort for the standard 75 minutes, and then transferred the wort back into our lauter tun, adding half the wet fresh hops in the lauter tun. We let the wort steep with the wet hops for 30 minutes, then chilled the wort down on the way to the fermenter. We then transferred another mash into the lauter tun, which still held the wet hops from the previous batch ( a kind of mash-hopping of the second batch). We then boiled the second batch, and used the other half of the wet hops again in the lauter tun with the second batch. 

Sounded good on paper, but the wet hops made the second batch a sticky mess. Thank you to Quinn, our head brewer, for sticking it out over a 12 hour day to make sure we finished the brew. [YazooBrewing]