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Yazoo Hop Project #64 Bottled

Yazoo Brewing’s latest  Hop Project #64 has been bottled.   The latest IPA features English hops. Specifically –  Challenger, Progress, and Target.

The result? Well, the bitterness is very mellow and clean. It has a great spicy aroma, with hints of candy and orange marmalade. I really like it, and it is a great change of gears from #63. After a couple of batches of #64, enough to get it distributed out to all of our distribution area, we’ll be getting some New Zealand hops in for #65.


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Yazoo Hop Project #63

Yazoo Brewing is shipping Hop Project #63.  The project is a way for brewmaster Linus Hall to experiment using any hops he can get his hands on.

Linus on #63

This is the one I personally have been really anticipating. Last year I managed to get my hands on just a little bit of Australian Galaxy hops, which we used as just a finishing hop in one of the Hop Projects. But we couldn’t make very much of it, and I went back to trying to source a larger amount. Well, we got lucky and found enough this year to do a nice long run of Hop Project #63, featuring this great hop from down under, in both a flavor and aroma hop role. It’s got a wonderfully ripe fruity nose, with a long, lingering, and clean bitterness. We made 160 bbls of it so far (equivalent to about 2000 cases) so we should be able to get some out to all the areas that sell Yazoo Hop Project over the next month. Look for it in Nashville first, then Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Jackson and Vicksburg, MS; and very soon along the MS coast!

Style: IPA
Availability: 12oz bottles, limited draft.

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Yazoo Hop Project #61

Yazoo Brewinghas released Hop Project #61:

For this batch, we used some Magnum at the beginning of the boil, and then Warrior and Cascade throughout the boil and for dry-hopping in the fermenter. 

We have liked using Warrior but it can have a slight tea-like finish. So our goal was to see how well it blended with a classic citrusy hop like Cascade. It has the aggressive upfront bitterness we’ve come to expect from Warrior, but a mellow grapefruity flavor and aroma.

This batch, #61, will be available in middle TN, and in Knoxville. It’s marked NO61NOV14.11 on the label.

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Yazoo Hop Project #60

The prolific hopmeisters at Yazoo Brewing (Nashville, TN) have released Hop Project #60, bottled 10/21/11.

First wort hopped with Perle, then Magnum at 75 min, Cascade at 30 min, Warrior at 15 min, Columbus at 5 min, and dry hopped with Columbus.

Style: American IPA
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft.  Every changing hop experiment.

?? ABV


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Yazoo Hop Project #59

The 59th release in Yazoo’s Hop Project Series is now available.  Here are the stats:

First wort hops – Nugget and Cascade
30 minute hops – Columbus
5 minute hops – Galaxy, Nugget, and Cascade
Dry hops – Columbus

The Galaxy and Cascade hops are really nice together in this one.

Style: IPA

Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft. Middle TN, Memphis, Central MS. One time brew.


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Yazoo Fresh Hop #58 A Fresh Hop

Yazoo Brewing (Nashville, TN) is brewing a fresh hopped IPA today destined for the Hop Project series.  #58 features 200 lbs of amarillo hops picked August 31st.

Yazoo is using a new brewing method for this brew.  Not a brew geek, stop here.  You’ll see #58 on shelves in September.

The method:

We boiled the wort for the standard 75 minutes, and then transferred the wort back into our lauter tun, adding half the wet fresh hops in the lauter tun. We let the wort steep with the wet hops for 30 minutes, then chilled the wort down on the way to the fermenter. We then transferred another mash into the lauter tun, which still held the wet hops from the previous batch ( a kind of mash-hopping of the second batch). We then boiled the second batch, and used the other half of the wet hops again in the lauter tun with the second batch. 

Sounded good on paper, but the wet hops made the second batch a sticky mess. Thank you to Quinn, our head brewer, for sticking it out over a 12 hour day to make sure we finished the brew. [YazooBrewing]



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Yazoo Bottles Hop Project #57

Yazoo Brewing (Nashville, TN) just bottled Hop Project #57.  The Project series is easily one of the most prolific in the U.S.

Per Linus Hall, Brewmaster:

First wort hopped with Nugget, then Magnum at 75 mi n and 30 min, Nugget at 30 min, Cascade at 5 min, and dry hopped with Columbus.