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Before You Boycott Beer

Michael Roper from Hopleaf Bar in Chicago had some pretty insightful things to say about beer, brewery acquisitions and the like.   This was published in the most recent BeerAdvocate magazine.

More Re: Boycotting Craft Beer.

I feel that, while a bit late, I should briefly weigh in on the issue of boycotting beers affiliated with large beer companies. I have owned a craft beer bar for 20 years. We choose to not offer Bud, Miller, PBR, Corona, Coors and the like, not because they are made by big companies, but because they are not tasty, interesting beers. If the “big guys” got their act together and made some really good beer that I would be proud to offer my customers, I would reward them for their efforts and carry them. It is about the beer first and foremost. I am still proud to offer Goose Island Matilda, Sophie, Pepe Nero, Bourbon County Stout, Pere Jacques and many of their other brews in spite of their recent sale to A-B InBev. I carry Unibroue beers in spite of their relationship with Sapporo. If they start cutting corners and the beer [quality] declines, they will lose us. I hope that that does not happen. Ultimately, I want everyone to make great beer. I still serve lots of beer from some of the tiniest breweries in the world. We strongly support all of our local craft breweries. However, if a great beer is brewed by, purchased by, imported by or distributed by A-B InBev, SAB Miller Coors, Carlsberg, Heineken or any other big company, I will give it a chance at Hopleaf. It should be about the beer, not how big its maker is.

Michael Roper
Hopleaf Bar, Chicago