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Widmer’s Rotating Falcon. #3

Quick recap. Widmer Brothers Brewing has creating a “Rotator IPA” series this year.  The brothers and brewers at Widmer are getting creative with IPAs this year.  The series will feature 4 different IPAs full of flavor creativity.  Falconer’s IPA is labeled here as beer #2.  Nelson O’Ryely is also expected as #2. Time will tell who arrives first.

Taking a cue from the name, Falconer’s IPA will feature the Falconer’s Flight hop. FF is high in alpha acids (10%) and has flavors of tropical Fruit, citrus, lemon & grapefruit.  It was created by Hop Union to celebrate brewing legend Glen Hay Falconer who passed away in 2002.  This hop blend is comprised of Sorachi Ace, Simcoe, Citra, plus some experimental varieties.

Arrival: Fall, 2011

7% ABV

Made By Hopheads, For Hopheads