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Wicked Weed Funkatorium Invitational date moved, will be “reimagined”

Wicked Weed Brewing is moving the date of their Funkatorium Invitational from July to August 26th. The charitable festival will not go on as planned.

Following the announcement of the brewery’s sale to Anheuser-Busch, dozens of sour and wild brewing invitees rescinded their participation. So many jumped out in fact, that the Invitational cannot proceed as planned. Refunds for those that have already purchased tickets are being offered.

There is a “Counter” festival in the works, benefitting the same charity. Some ex-pats of the Funkatorium Invitational will be in attendance.

In the meantime, the Invitational will be “re-imagined” between now and the new August date.

Questions to the Wicked Weed on what the new direction will be have gone unanswered by the brewery. Their full statement is found below.

The Funkatorium Invitational is an important event for us. The mission of this festival has always been centered around the sour beer community and giving back. Over the course of a weekend, breweries from around the country come together through numerous events to celebrate where this amazing community is and where it can go, all while benefitting the city of Asheville.

This year, it has become clear that we can no longer host the festival with the original vision in mind. We respect the decisions of those who have decided to no longer attend, and we understand that the impact of bringing this community together is more important than Wicked Weed.

Just like the sour beer community, Eblen Charities is still of paramount importance to us. With that in mind, we will evolve the Funkatorium Invitational and host a reimagined festival to raise money for Eblen’s cause on August 26, 2017.

Just as a reminder, if you purchased local tickets you can still get a full refund at our Funkatorium location. More details will be released as they become available.

Editor’s Note: Article has been updated with the date August 26th due to a change by Wicked Weed.

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2 thoughts on “Wicked Weed Funkatorium Invitational date moved, will be “reimagined”

  1. AB InBev have taken “CRAFT” out of Craft Beer, however I like what D9 Brewing company at Lake Norman says it best:
    NC Independent Brewers
    A lot has been made of the Wicked Weed sell out to AB InBev this week. While we understand the need for capital to expand operations and extend reach, this should never come at the cost of your most passionate supporters. Moreover, this should never come at the cost of the market that gave you your success. We are all worse for this acquisition. Not because we’re all losing a partner in the fight for craft beer, but because we’re gaining another enemy. And not just any enemy, but a nefarious enemy that will seek to confuse craft consumers into thinking that they’re supporting a local business.
    A brewery is a community. A community that includes your state, your city and your supporters. Selling out a craft brewery to a predatory conglomerate is an appalling violation of this trust. A trust that we, the community of independent craft brewers, must now seek to mend.
    We will continue to support our state’s amazing craft community with every dollar and ounce of sweat we have.
    Andrew Durstewitz, CEO & Co-Founder
    Aaron Burton, Brewmaster & Co-Founder

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