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“Counter” festival for charity planned opposite of Wicked Weed’s Invitational

Earlier today we posted a story covering the plethora of breweries pulling out of Wicked Weed’s annual summer Funk Invitational. Their new association with Anheuser-Busch is so toxic to previously participating breweries, that many breweries have cut participation in the Invitational, despite the charitable tone.

You might think that is a pretty crappy situation for Eblen-Kimmel Charities, and Asheville, North Carolina’s underprivileged community. Well, craft breweries are some of the most charitable folks you’ll ever meet. The story looks like it doesn’t end here.

A source that wishes to remain anonymous has contacted Beer Street Journal about a new “counter festival” to the Wicked Weed Invitational that hopes to debut this summer, benefiting the same charity.

The new counter-festival already has 8 confirmed brewery attendees and we’re told that once they cross the 10-12 attendee mark, the “counter” sour and wild festival will be announced.

Again, this new event will occur around the same time as the Wicked Weed Invitational, and will benefit the same Eblen-Kimmel Charity.


PIC: Beer Street Journal/GABF 2016

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