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Wicked Weed To Release a Few New “Angels” This Year

Wicked Weed Brewing’s (Asheville, NC) very popular offering, Black Angel Cherry Sour, has inspired a new line of “Angel” Sours in 2015.

This year, expect sour Angels: Red Angel, Gold Angel (apricot sour), White Angel (grape sour), and The Angel of Darkness.

“These beers utilize the most labor intensive process we employ to make our sour beers so we can only produce them once a year. Using a ton and a half of fruit and allowing the beer to age for eleven months requires extensive time, energy, and resources,” explained Walt Dickinson, Head of Brewing Operations. “All of that work develops truly dynamic and beautiful beers.”

Wicked Weed Red Angel arrives in late March. The base is a sour red ale, aged in white wine barrels with over a pound of raspberries per gallon.

If the Angel of Darkness release sounds crazy ridiculous to you, you’re right. This year-culminating release should blow past 13% ABV, aged in Portugese sherry casks with boysenberries, blackberries, raspberries, and cherries.

Wicked Weed Oblivion just hit shelves again to kick off 2015.

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  1. Can’t wait. Any update on when we’ll see a release from the Moeder Series? Hiver Joie was originally slated for “late December, or early January, 2015”.

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