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Chardonnay meets monkey in Victory Sour Monkey Remix

Victory Sour Monkey Remix

Just as Victory Sour Monkey hits shelves again for the second time Victory Sour Monkey Remix surfaces, a barrel aged edition of the sour/wild ale.

The base beer for this is the very well known Victory Golden Monkey, the brewery’s Belgian-style tripel ale, brewed with Westmalle yeast. Victory Sour Monkey takes shape thanks to extended fermentation using Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus (hitting shelves again now).

Victory Sour Monkey Remix takes things a step further with Chardonnay barrel-aging.

Now usually we don’t do this, but sometimes an instant classic is just begging for a Remix. Chardonnay barrel aging puts a whole new spin on our already tastefully twisted Sour Monkey, with notes of vanilla and oak, rounding out its lemony tart tang and dry finish. Experience this exclusive, next level evolution of our beloved Golden Monkey for yourself.

Victory Sour Monkey Remix will be a 750 milliliter bottle conditioned release. The brewery has not officially announced this beer.

Style: American Wild Ale (Chardonnay Barrel Aged)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Debut: TBA

9.5% ABV

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